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Useful information for international candidates applying for jobs in Denmark

General information applicable for employees of all nationalities

  • The collective union agreements regulate terms and conditions of your employment. As these are calculated individually for each person, DRC will only be able to inform candidates of the salary during the interview process.
  • Weekly working hours are 37 hours, including half an hour paid lunch break.
  • When working with DRC, you are entitled to pension, including life insurance (death, critical disease, loss of ability to work, etc.)
  • At work you are covered by DRC’s work insurance. All other types of insurances are the responsibility of the employee.
  • When you work in Denmark you have to pay taxes. As this is highly individual, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance (refer to the Danish Tax Agency). 
  • DRC does not find or provide accommodation to employees. The rent for a small apartment in Copenhagen is approximately 7,000-10,000 Danish kroner per month.
  • You are entitled to 25 vacation days plus 5 special vacation days during the vacation period. You acquire 2.08 paid vacation days and 0.42 paid special vacation days per working month.
  • A probationary period of 3 months is included in all contracts, during which either party can terminate the employment with 14 days' written notice.
  • In order for DRC to pay your salary you will need a Danish address as well as a Danish bank account (for which you often will need a CPR number - see below).


Work permit

EU citizens

It is the employee's responsibility to apply for a CPR number (Civil Registration System). You can only do this 8 days after the start of your contract.

Non-EU citizens

In order to work in Denmark, you will need to have a work and a residence permit. At the same time you will be granted a CPR number. It takes around 1 month from the completed application being sent to the permit being granted. The work permit is granted conditional on the residence permit. For certain roles, DRC will apply for and cover the cost for the permits for the candidate that is offered the job.

We generally indicate in the job advert if the vacancy is open non-EU citizens.


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